After spending a few weeks visiting friends in Bangkok, Thailand and what felt like a few weeks on the return airplane journey, some simple things delighted me about coming back home to Cincinnati. What we perceive as ordinary on any given day, the following caught my attention and warmed my appreciation about being in such a wonderful city.

1.) Descending into CVG airport and seeing the palate of deciduous trees in vibrant autumn colors.

2.) The scent of Cincinnati-style chili wafting through the airport terminal.

3.) The people.
For the entire connecting flight from Los Angeles to CVG, I chatted with a family from Fort Thomas. A man sitting behind us joined in from Pleasant Ridge. Cincinnatians are kind, conversational people.

4.) Positivity about the streetcar.
Riding the airport monorail to baggage claim, I overheard a discussion between an airport employee and a passenger she was assisting. The employee spoke highly about the Cincinnati Streetcar construction, and the visitor with mobility limitations was excited to soon have a new way to see the city.

5.) A chill in the air, which led to my joyful shouting, "I feel cold! I actually feel cold!"
Very welcoming after spending time in a climate that was humid and 90ยบ+ during their "winter" season.

6.) Giving my partner a big hug when he met me at the airport.

7.) Western-style toilets and toilet paper.

8.) Wearing leggings, boots, and a jacket.
And feeling cold. Did I mention I missed feeling cold?

9.) Spacious sidewalks.
Bangkok has a massive population of 8 million, plus you have to share the sidewalk with motorcycles and an endless array of street vendors. It makes New York City feel like a stroll through a small town.

10.) Good craft beer.
Thailand may have lax drinking laws, but their local beers all taste like Budweiser.

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